Monday, 14 May 2018

Sanctuary Tap

Today I followed a Blood Donor session with a visit to the new-ish Sanctuary Tap on Castle Street:
Inside I found a small corridor bar with the now near-ubiquitous 'industrial' decor of bare bricks and air ducts, and retro lightbulbs.

There were three handpumps on the bar, and I selected Windermere Pale, a long standing favourite of mine.  For a fairly weak beer - 3.5% - this has bags of flavour and it was in good nick here.

Apart from one or two people on the benches outside I was the only customer at about two on a Monday afternoon, presumably they do better at more popular times.

I wonder if this place is connected to the similarly named Sanctuary Bar on Lime Street?  A quick scan of the internet suggests it is not.

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