Friday 11 December 2020

A Survey in Tier Two

While my greed might tempt me to try a five pub survey here in tier two, I don't think five substantial meals, or even five scotch eggs, would be very good for my health so normal researches are once again on hold.

However, looking at my maps I noticed there's only one or two pubs left in Halewood, making it difficult to research in normal times because I then have to travel on to somewhere else to find some more targets.  So, a golden opportunity for a one pub trip out.  I headed for the Eagle and Child, last visited in 1998:

Some time ago this was a Greene King pub and was renamed the Reverend Plummer, but it's no longer branded in one of their chains, and the original name was restored just a couple of weeks ago.  Mind you, as you can see, there is still some Greene King signage on the outside.

A good looking old building houses a rather fine three roomed pub with traditional decor.  No sign of any handpumps so I had Guinness.  The menu, not one of those giant chain ones, offers a small range of attractive options and I chose bangers and mash.  At ten quid it's a lot more than Wetherspoon's charge, but it was very good.

A few regulars were in, creating background chatter to mix with the inevitable Christmas songs.  Surprisingly, there didn't seem to be any Christmas decorations visible, oh wait - there's a snowman on the end of the counter.  Not the usual over the top stuff you find in every pub.

As usual I listened in to the chatter, the main topic seemed to be how long one can stay drinking after a meal!  Can we go home and come back this evening?

It's very pleasing to see, in these difficult times, a pub that seems to be doing well, long may it continue.