Sunday 23 January 2011

The Barker's Brewery, Huyton

I paid a visit to this branch of the Wetherspoon's chain on their opening day today. For those familiar with the Rose and Crown or the Wheatsheaf, what was the lounge side is now mainly the kitchen, and the pub area consists of the former bar side, plus the bullnose and the far end of the lounge side.

On their first day they were doing a roaring trade in both food and drink, and I predict they will do fairly well in the longer term. The only whinge I overheard was the lack of free tables.

Real ales on the first day were Barker's Brewery Bitter (Brewed by George Wright), Cains Bitter, Cains IPA, Abbot, and Ruddles Best Bitter. The prices were above average by Wetherspoon's standards, with the cheapest - the Ruddles - at £1.75. Those I sampled were spot on, as expected.