Saturday, 1 May 2021

Blown Out at the Bombed Out

I nipped into town with the objective of collecting a brand new tick which I'm told serves real ale.  The train journey was extremely crowded, they've had years to sort out the new trains of but still we get a six car train with everyone crowded into three carriages.

Once I'd escaped from the station I marched hopefully up Renshaw Street to the Bombed Out Church:

This has been open as a cafe for some time, I think, and I recently learned that they do real ale so time for a visit.

Unfortunately it is reservations only on Saturdays, apparently, so I didn't get my tick.  Hmph!  I'll be back, perhaps when it is a bit quieter.  Irritatingly I could see umpteen empty tables.

So, where's the nearest real ale?  The Dispensary, of course:

Only my fourth visit here since lockdown!

They were doing a decent trade at 12:30, but with plenty of free tables, so I was soon enjoying a pint of favourite Oakham Citra in the chilly breeze.

I must say I am looking forward to two weeks time when I will be able to sit in comfort inside pubs instead of freezing on a wobbly bench in the street!

Where next?  There's another new one, well a new name anyway, just round the corner so I headed for the Coach House:

Formerly Hard Times And Misery and then Dickens and King, this now belongs to the Angus on Dale Street.

The waiter reeled off a list of real ales I didn't recognise and Inferno, another Oakham brew, so I selected that one and it was very good, although I still prefer my favourite Citra from the last place.

Again, ticking over nicely but with plenty of free tables.  This place, usually the smallest pub in Liverpool, has benefited from the current situation as they have a lot more space outside in the street than they have inside.  I wonder if they will be allowed to occupy half the width of the road long term.

Town was getting a bit busy, what with a kill the bill march and Saturday shoppers, so I decided to beat a retreat at this point and headed for home.

Pub of the day: Dispensary
Miles walked: 1.5

Thursday, 15 April 2021

It's Been A Long Wait

When I ended lockdown at ten on Monday morning at the Huyton Wetherspoon's I was not a little disappointed to find that they hadn't got any real ale; "we only tapped it yesterday".  Monitoring the (unreliable) app showed that today they might have a guest on, but I had things to do in town so hopefully I could get something decent.

Having quickly completed my shopping, I headed for the Bridewell.

Arriving on the dot of twelve noon, I was offered a selection of tables; I chose one inside the yard, out of the cold breeze.  The efficient waitress handed me a sign-in slip (Surprisingly, it didn't ask for my phone number) and fetched me my first pint of real ale this year.

I started with the excellent Kirkstall Pale, followed just fifteen minutes later by another of the same.

A brewery delivery provided entertainment as casks were thrown down the hatch, which was in the yard right in front of me, and there was a steady trickle of customers arriving and being allocated tables.  The friendly cheerful staff (It's always been like that here.) were chatting to customers and promptly fetching drinks as required.

I resisted the temptation to just stay here all afternoon, and headed on to the Baltic Fleet.

Plenty of free tables here, but the few in the sun were all taken.  The waitress soon came to take my order, and started the list of real ales, but I stopped her at the first one which was Trappers Hat, a favourite of mine.  

Not my ideal pub experience, in a chilly breeze with the traffic whizzing past but the beer was wonderful and, after all, that's why I'm here.

Plenty of empty tables at one o'clock, I hope they're getting enough customers to keep going.  I noted there were quite a few tables under large umbrellas, useful to know if it's raining.

Hypothermia was beginning to set in - Roll on 17th May when we can sit inside - so I headed back towards Lime Street and the train home.  But diverted via the Dispensary.

Here I signed in using the NHS app before being allocated a table.  Once again I didn't get the full list of ales because the first one was Oakham Citra, another of my favourites.

Most, but not all, of the tables were occupied, there won't be much room for more customers.  None of the tables had umbrellas, being your own if it's raining!

Once again a delivery arrived, in this case a truck full of gas cylinders.  Only two for this pub.

So, in summary, three great pubs, four great pints, but very cold.

Pub of the day: All three were wonderful but I'll choose the Bridewell, simply because it was first.
Miles walked: 2.2

Monday, 8 February 2021

New Book

The latest edition of the book of the guide was published today.  Not really the best time for new version, when I haven't been in a pub yet this year, but at least I had plenty of free time to do the typesetting and so on.

This time, I've gone for a simple paperback format.  The book lists 1,868 pubs of which I have visited 1,337, on 258 pages.

You can order a copy direct from the printer by clicking here.