Wednesday, 2 May 2018

A Full Pint in the Ship And Mitre

Some pubs never get mentioned in this blog because I go there with friends for a drink rather than for research.  You can spot these on the main web site, they just say "Visited" rather than giving a date.

Anyway, the wonderful Ship And Mitre has long been a favourite, and recently it's gone up another notch in our estimation because they are using lined glasses.

One worrying note - they are currently using glassware from their last beer festival, I hope they don't revert to brim measure when these eventually run out.

In any case, the beer in here is great, so getting a full pint is icing on an already excellent cake.

I think this is the only pub in Merseyside still using lined glasses, so they deserve our support.  If you go in, make sure you tell the staff how much you appreciate getting a proper measure; and make sure you don't request a top-up!

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