Thursday 1 August 2019

A Butchers At Garston

A little trip to Garston to tick off some pubs, actually starting in Allerton at the Butchers:
A pleasant micro-pub converted from a butchers' shop, retaining the tilework and meat-hooks etc.  More of a cafe than a pub, really, but with two handpumps and a great menu of bottled beers from around the world I'm happy.  All the other customers were on coffee and/or food I think, but my pint of Shropshire Gold was perfect.  Served at my table, as well.

The menu looks good, especially the breakfast.  But I resisted.

Continuing the theme of Tuesday, this was a first visit for me, but I'm not expecting any more new ticks today.

Off to Garston proper, and the Masonic:
I selected a real ale from the two handpumps in the bar side.  We've got loads more in the yard, said the barmaid, come and have a look.  So I followed her through to the lounge and then outside to see a selection of tapped casks.  "They're £2.90 a pint, or £10 for all you can drink"!  "You need to be careful about turning the tap off", she added as she poured my pint of Hooky.

Oh my goodness!  The temptation!  All you can drink, and pour it yourself.  Am I dreaming?

I manfully resisted, and only had the pint of Hooky, which if I was being super critical might have been just past its best, but I couldn't be sure.

A peaceful pub on a Thursday afternoon this, with a few regulars chatting and the racing commentary in the background.  Why haven't they got the cricket?  Australia wobbling at 108 for 5.

On towards the centre of Garston, skipping the Derby which I ticked two years ago.  I was rather doubtful as to the status of the New Wellington, but here it was, open:
I seem to recall this was a very large two sided place, I think one half is no longer a pub but what remains is a rather fine one-bar boozer with two rooms nicely decorated.  The handful of regulars were somewhat boisterous, but they took no notice of me in my quiet corner.

No real ale, so a cool and refreshing lager was in order.

Truly a local's boozer, every newcomer was greeted by friends already in; a pub where everyone knows your name.  (Except mine, of course.)

The locals calmed down a little, and I monitored the Test Match.  122 for 8, who'd have thought it!  (Little did I know...)

On to the Swan:
I entered the bar side, and risked a Doom Bar from the solitary hand pump.  It was foul.  I should have complained but I couldn't be bothered.

Again, plenty of regulars chatting in this gem of a pub only let down on this occasion by the quality of the ale.

I abandoned my pint of vinegar and headed for the final target of the day, the Alexandra.  Sadly, when I got there not only was it closed, but it had been demolished and replaced by a KFC.  Streetview research shows it was still standing, albeit boarded up, just a year ago.  I gave up in disappointment and headed for home.

Pub of the day: Masonic, for the beer offer!
Miles walked: 2.3
Maybe coming soon: Bootle, Southport

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