Friday 8 December 2017

The Bullring Bar

Blood donors again, then up London Road to the Bullring Bar:
One large open barn of a room, with comfortable booths lining the walls, pleasantly decorated and ticking over nicely on a very cold Friday afternoon.  Background music mixed with cheerful chatter and the click of pool balls on the two tables, as I settled down with my Guinness* which costed only £2.50.

Intriguingly, the rear part of the room has a high ceiling with large skylights, and a glazed floor - I couldn't see what was below as it was frosted glass.  I wonder what this was before it was a bar.  Hopefully street view will tell me when I get home...  And the answer is, it used to be the Blind Tiger Bar, so not a new place after all.
* I wonder if I can get them to sponsor this blog, as theirs is the beer which gets the most mentions!

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