Friday 26 May 2023


Medical matters took me to Whiston for the second week running (Not the hospital this time) so once again a chance to get a couple of ticks.  I started at the Carrs Hotel:

What a great traditional two sided boozer.  Half a dozen or more in the bar side with me, and it sounded like there were a lot more than that in the other side.  Friendly chatter filled the pleasantly decorated room, while I swigged a Carling.

I know it is after four on a Friday, but I was still pleasantly surprised to see so many people in a pub.  More and more blokes came in, all greeted by name (and in one case a hug) by the staff.

Next, a quick photo of the former Horseshoe, which closed in 2011 according to my records:

... and on to excellent micro-pub Beer EnGin:

Six handpumps, I selected a truly gorgeous milkshake porter.

The main conversation in here was pubs and beer, so I was able to join in a little.

Micro-pubs are ten-a-penny nowadays, but this one seems to be one of the best.  I can't decide quite what are the magic ingredients but here they are.  The friendly landlady and regulars are certainly an important part of the recipe.

Pub of the day: Beer EnGin
Beer of the day: Hophurst Porteresque
Miles walked: 1.35
Maybe coming soon: Picton, Liverpool


  1. I guess the Carrs has a bit of a monopoly over ‘proper pubs’ in this sare

  2. *area! So hopefully it does well.

    1. Yes indeed. With the loss of the Horseshoe, the Penny Black, the Watchmaker and the Green Dragon it's the only one left.