Thursday 27 October 2022

Good Beer Guide New Entries

Contrary to what I wrote on Sunday, here's a list of Merseyside's new entries to this year's Good Beer Guide for those who haven't received their copy yet, now that the embargo has expired.  The chosen eighteen are

There are some brand new places in that list and also some old friends.  I must say I was pleased to discover I've already ticked all of them.


  1. Less "new" new than it appeared on first inspection. The return of the Handyman's is welcome, was surprised to see it drop out of the Guide so quickly, unless I was lucky with the beer.

    And a visit to Prescot ! What joy.

    1. I'd rather go to Prescot than New Ferry. Or have you already done the Cleveland Arms? It's had cask at least since my first visit in 2003, but I don't know if it was ever in the GBG.

    2. That pub is about ten minutes from Prescot station which is 20 mins from Lime Street( in theory). Buy a Saveaway ticket- £5-65 +£1 for the reusable Metrocard - all trains,buses and ferries in Merseyside after 9-30 AM.