Saturday 30 October 2021

Three Golden Ticks

I recently added some software tweaks to my mapping system, so I can now see a map showing, for example, only pubs which I think are still open and I haven't visited in the last five years.  This allows me to spot clusters of desirable targets which would otherwise get lost in the background.  One such cluster lead me to Tuebrook, and I started at the Clifton Arms:

No one behind the counter, so I stood and waited.  Eventually a regular took pity on me and poured me a Carling.  He couldn't use the till, though, so I had to wait a little longer to pay.  The barman returned from the cellar, he was out of change so I got twenty p off!

Knocked through but retaining three distinct areas, this is a rather fine locals' boozer, and I haven't been in here since 1998.

Plenty of regulars chatting and giving the place a lively feel.  Perhaps I'm biased because it's 23 years since I was here and therefore it is a very desirable tick, but I like this place.

As I departed I could hear the roar of the crowd at Anfield.  I strolled on, passing the now closed Park:

Onwards towards another one not ticked since 1998, the Belmont:

Another plain but pleasant pub, busy by 2021 standards (I bet it was three deep at the bar last time I was here, if it was a Saturday afternoon.)

Liverpool were already two goals up by the time I settled down in a quiet corner with another Carling.  All the wall decorations were LFC, at least where I was sitting.  I particularly liked "Win or lose I'm on the booze".

As I enjoyed my pint I wondered why this pub and the last one have not been visited for so long.  I've been in all the others in Tuebrook, including a number now closed, multiple times since 1998, so how did these get missed?  I've no idea!

Liverpool got to 3-0 but then "computer says no".

Next, I took a fairly long march, past a few places ticked more recently, to one I've never visited.  Could I make three great ticks out of three?  YES!!!  The Liver Vaults:

If a pub last visited in 1998 is great, then one never visited at all is wonderful.  Exactly three years ago today an anonymous comment on this blog drew my attention to this pub, which was missing from my database.  I tried to visit during partial lockdown back in October last year but it was shut so I wasn't very confident of a positive result today, but I was in luck.

Another plain but well looked after two sided back street boozer this, again busy by 2021 standards, the only sound I could hear was multiple animated conversations.  The bench seat where I sat was rather overdue for recovering, but, as always nowadays, everything was clean and tidy.  Halloween decorations were everywhere of course.  (Oh well, at least it stops them putting the Chrimbo deccies up.)

Liverpool now 2-2.

Bearing in mind today's excellent results I wondered ... Could I invent a points system for ticks?  One point for each year since I was last there, and perhaps thirty for a pub never visited.  That gives 76 for today, not bad for only three pubs.  This could get complicated:  Add 20 for quality ale, add fifty for free ale, add 10 for attractive architecture, and so on and on.  I'll give it some more thought once sober, but I suspect it'll be too much like hard work.

Pub of the day: Too close to call.
Miles walked: 2.3
Maybe coming soon: Garswood.

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