Friday 10 July 2020

The First Week

Here's a list of all the pubs I've observed during this first post-lockdown week.  After careful consideration I have decided I am not going to maintain or update this list because (a) it's a lot of effort, (b) it's not fair on the many excellent pubs who lose out purely because I haven't walked past them yet and (c) the information will get out of date on a daily basis.

My general feeling has been relief and pleasure that I'm back in the pub, but I'm concerned that if the current restrictions continue long term then many places will not survive.  I haven't visited any at traditional busy times yet, but I noticed some had queuing markings outside the door; the day I have to queue to get in to a boozer is the day I switch to drinking at home.

Stanley ArmsFridayOpen

Liverpool City Centre
Blarney StoneThursdayOpen
Blob ShopThursdayOpen
Butterfly and GrasshopperThursdayOpen
Celtic CornerThursdayNot open when I passed.
CrownWednesdayOpen, with a very limited range of real ales.
DispensaryThursdayOpen, excellent ale as usual.
Jimmy'sThursdayNot open. Signs say opening Thursday.
LiffeyThursdayNot open when I passed.
Molly Malone'sThursdayNot open when I passed.
Nelley Foley'sThursdayOpen
NookThursdayLong closed.
Pogue MahoneThursdayClosed and tinned up.
RichmondThursdayOpen (I noted the decorators were in a couple of weeks ago.)
Rose and CrownThursdayOpen
Ship and MitreThursdayOpen, great ales.
Smokie Mo's
(Charlotte Street)
Tess Riley'sThursdayOpen
Vernon ArmsThursdayOpen
VinesThursdayNot open when I passed.

I have omitted Wetherspoon's from the table, as far as I know all of them are open and the ones I have visited have all had decent real ale.

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