Wednesday, 29 July 2020


Not a "pub survey" this afternoon, just a few drinks over the water with friends.  We started in Wetherspoon's Brass Balance
As with all the 'spoons I've visited post-lockdown, this was doing pretty well, with plenty of drinkers and diners keeping the staff busy.  My pint of Abbot was rather muddy, but it tasted fine.

Next, on to the Stork, where we found one customer, one member of staff, and no real ales.

We moved on immediately to the Riverview where we again found no ale.

Just next door is Gallaghers which seems to have gained a mural:
Here, they were ticking over nicely, four real ales were available including Plum Porter but I chose White Rat which was perfect.

We adjourned to the beer yard which has been nicely done up since my last visit, making for a very comfortable and pleasant experience.

Next, on to the Swinging Arm where we again found a lack of real ale.  We decided to stay anyway, and I enjoyed a pint of Shipyard.

Finally, we ended the day with a couple more of the excellent White Rat in Gallaghers, before catching the train home.

Pub of the day: Gallaghers
Miles walked: 1.2 miles
Maybe coming soon: Crosby

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