Thursday 13 June 2024

Rain in Crosby

As I left home I noticed a few spots of rain.  By the time I got to Lime Street it was raining steadily, all the swiftys were donning cagoules.  Welcome to Liverpool! 

A second train carried me to Crosby where I was hoping for some overdue and some new ticks.  I started at Inside No. 4:

This is mainly a cafe/restaurant, but they have a comfortable bar area as well so drinkers are welcome.  It was surprisingly busy on a wet Thursday, although I was the only one in the bar. 

Very nicely decorated throughout, what else is there to say? 

After bringing me a pint (It's table service here) of Camden Pale in their "bucket" wide glass the barmaid/waitress was busy making cocktails and coffees for diners.

Something I've not noticed before, a contactless gizmo by the exit just for tipping.  Tap your phone and give them a fiver.  Or you can set another amount.

Next, I headed off in the gentle rain.  I was diverted on my way to a planned brand new tick by another brand new tick, I'd never before heard of Hampsons:

I must have been yards from here last time I was in Crosby but I didn't spot it.  I seem to remember it was raining that time as well. 

Anyway, this is a shop conversion with excellent decor, how can I describe the style?  Bare brick walls, large chandeliers, it really looks good.

Sadly I was the only customer at half two on a Thursday, which is a shame.

I've not seen a "Card payments £10 minimum" sign for a while, I think they need to move into the 21st century!  Under the circumstances I paid cash.

As I neared the end of my lager another customer came in, he wanted a small breakfast and a coffee.  Obviously a regular, so we can conclude that the breakfasts, at least, are good here.

Two more arrived, so the bar is now ticking over rather than dead.  Good. 

Am I permitted a grumble?  The answer is, of course, yes, since this is MY BLOG.  So, I hate attractive looking wooden tables which don't have a flat top, so you put down your goblet of Krombacher and it wobbles.

So, on to the new tick for which I was aiming, the Queen's Nook:

Another shop conversion, perhaps not as stylish as Hampsons but certainly pleasant, comfortable and attractive.  Actually, on reflection that's not fair; it is just as stylish as the last one.

There were three customers here when I arrived, so again not much custom.

I scanned the menu, it looks rather good, fish and chips was fourteen quid, and a number of items were not "pub standards".  I wonder who cooks it?  Does the barmaid disappear into the kitchen.  Some of the menu items looked like they would require a proper chef, is he/she sitting in the back waiting for my order?  Or maybe I am underestimating what commercial frozen food can produce.  I was tempted to order something sophisticated just to see what happens!  Suddenly my mind wandered to a bar in Dubai with a menu of Chinese food where ones meal came from a nearby takeaway.  I seem to recall it was rather good.

As I drank my Neck Oil more and more people came in, so it was doing alright by the time I left.  Still not busy, though.  All the other customers seemed to be regulars and to know each other.

Next, just a short walk down the road in the continuing rain is Pioneer:

This also counts as a shop conversion but it is a very large corner location.  Once again very well done out, green ceramics, lots of plastic flowers, pale wood flooring, altogether very pleasant.

No sign of anyone eating at four o'clock, in fact only three other customers and the couple I could see had a bottle of water and a can of Fanta. 

I had a pint of Madri here, in a Madri goblet of course.  Is it always this malty?  Very good! 

I set my course back towards the station, with the opportunity for another new tick and possibly some cask, at the Coop:

At last, real ale.  Once I'd spotted Jaipur I didn't need to look further.  The landlord had some trouble pouring it due to excessive froth so he took the money and I sat down.  Only a few moments later he brought me a lovely pint.  In an oversized glass, to boot.  [When I was young I was told off for using the phrase "an' all", and told that "to boot" was more correct.  I was slightly surprised to learn, on consulting Google, that that is true.]

Another shop conversion, of course, nicely done with attractive plain-ish decor.  Plenty of customers were keeping the place going, there was room for a many more, though. 

As I enjoyed the pint of the day more and more people came in.  Still not packed, but certainly doing well at five on a Thursday. 

How about that!  Three new places, bringing my total to 1,492; I can see that fifteen hundred getting closer!

Time to go home.

Pub of the day: Crosby Coop
Beer of the day: Thornbridge Jaipur 
Miles walked: 2.25
Maybe coming soon: Cantril Farm, Bebington

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