Wednesday 19 June 2024

A Diverse Selection In Town

Just a few ticks in Liverpool today, I started in the Richmond Pub:

This tiny boozer with an outdoor area in the street is always pretty busy, but at one on a sunny Wednesday it seemed quieter than usual and the majority of the drinkers were enjoying the weather outside so I managed to get a comfortable seat to enjoy my excellent pint of White Rat. 

What a fine pub, all the customers seem to be regulars enjoying banter with the friendly barman.  If only it was twice the size! 

Next McCooley's:

This enormous place with entrances on Mathew Street and Stanley Street was remarkably busy, or so I thought when I arrived.  Just like the Richmond quite a lot of the customers were enjoying the sunshine outside but it was also busy inside.

I had a Carling, only £2.60 in happy hour.

One group of lads outside were playing some kind of dice game, with noisy rattling of cups of dice and the occasional cheer or groan. 

Liverpool's "hospitality" economy certainly seems to be doing well, remember it's only Wednesday.  Some kind of Euro match was starting on most of the tellies;  I don't think anyone was watching. 

On a tour of the labyrinthine interior searching for the gents I learned that my initial assessment was somewhat incorrect and the other rooms with two more counters were pretty much deserted.

Next, on to the Old Post Office:

Last time I was here I had a nice pint of cask.  The clips were turned round so it was Carling for me this time. 

Something of a classic this pub, traditional decor, traditional clientele, etc.  At three on a Wednesday there were plenty of empty seats but the room was filled with the hubbub of many cheerful conversations. 

At the counter one regular had shaved his head but had missed a bit, resulting in some friendly joshing from barmaid and customers. 

Football (Albania winning) and horse racing were on the TVs here, no one was watching.  No, wait, one bloke in the corner is studying the horses closely; in fact he's only a foot away from the screen.

Next door is Brass Monkey:

This is a fun place, quirkily decorated.  I can't come up with a phrase to describe the style so I think I'll stick to "fun"; it really is. 

No customers that I could see (But remembering my previous visit there might be some in the back rooms). 

Crash bang wallop as a delivery of kegs were rolled to the cellar door.

I looked around.  There's still a table where the seats are suspended by ropes from the ceiling.  I imagine there must be a lot of spilled beer there!

I had a pint of that tasty brew Madri.  In case you don't know, it is brewed in the UK and has no real connection with Madrid or Spain.  Nonetheless, I think it is an above average lager with a more malty taste than most. 

The barman disappeared into the cellar to sort out his delivery; I resisted the opportunity for a free top up!

OK, today wasn't supposed to be a full blown survey, I think four is enough so let's go home.  I might do a "proper" research outing tomorrow.  Or I might be lazy and stay at home.  Either way I'm in Scotland on Saturday and Derby on Sunday, so perhaps there will be some updates to the Rest of the World Pub Guide.

Pub of the day: Richmond Pub
Beer of the day: White Rat
Miles walked: 1.5
Maybe coming soon: Oxton, Cantril Farm, Bebington

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