Tuesday 28 November 2023

Allerton Road

Non-pub-related activities last weekend and next are keeping me away from my researches (Although not from pubs!)  so, unusually, I set off for a survey on a Tuesday.  Train and bus carried me to Allerton Road where there are umpteen targets awaiting my attention.

I started in the John Brodie:

Years ago this was a Yates's, and in some ways it hasn't changed since then; the decor is very pleasant, with chain pub styling.  Obviously it's not the same wallpaper and carpet after twenty-odd years and everything looks well cared for and tidy.  The Christmas decorations here are understated and tastefully done.

Sadly, the three handpumps all had clips turned round, so I had a Guinness.  Perhaps I would have got cask ale later in the week?

Plenty of customers at two on a Tuesday, but room for many more.  Diners and drinkers in about equal proportions.  The menu of pub standards looks good value, with fish and chips under a tenner.

I noticed a Deliveroo guy come in to collect an order.  I must admit I'd never thought of ordering pub food to be delivered, seems like a good idea.  I usually use delivery services for food from takeaways where I can't be bothered to go out and get it.

Next door is the Allerton Oak:

I haven't visited this place since February 2000 when it was an American-themed bar called New York.  What do we get twenty-four years later?   Bugger!  It's not open.  Is this the down side of a Tuesday survey, or is it no longer in action?

Just a few doors down is a place I didn't know existed until I got here, Mooneys:

Research shows this was formerly Mezz, a long closed one I never visited.

What a pleasant Irish bar this is.  Rather odd decor, I particularly liked the part where they have made a giant hole in the wall plaster to reveal the underlying bricks.  The hole is irregularly shaped and the contrast between the carefully painted plaster and the naked bricks creates an interesting feature.

Not many customers in, about five I think, but enough to create a background of lively chatter which also included the staff, mixed with Sky Sports News and a racing channel.

A mic stand, mixer and speakers at the front imply live music but I guess Tuesday afternoon is not the time for this.

Bonus points here because there are no Christmas decorations.  It's still November, after all.

By the way, in the cold weather today I'm happy to report both pubs so far have been pleasantly warm inside.

Across the busy road and into the next call, Three Piggies:

Another warm one despite the wide windows onto the street, in fact one of the waitresses added some wood to the stove shortly after I arrived.

Three handpumps offered ales from Mobberley, I chose Bunji which turned out to be a rather fine sweet pale ale, almost a toffee flavour instead of the citrus one might expect.

More of a restaurant in style, here, but at three on a Tuesday I couldn't see anyone eating.  The decor, a mix of distressed wood, bar brick and some white ceramics, is rather fine.

The background music was mostly drowned out by happy conversations.

I had a quick look at the cocktail menu.  Why does no one do a bloody Mary, my favourite, any more?

Where next?  If the Allerton Oak had been open I would have been in number four now and could have headed home, but now I'll have to walk a bit further for one or two more ticks.  Not far away is a tempting target I've never been in, so let's try the Crafty Swine:

Gosh!  Two brand new ticks in one day.  I've got no idea how to describe the decor in this place except to say that I like it.  Quite a large space, with only two or three customers I'm afraid.

Just one handpump with a clip (and one without) but the Wild Swan was very good.  They mainly concentrate on craft ales.  If I'm allowed to criticise, I think with fourteen keg taps they could put on a few "odd" options.  For example, last Friday in Track Brewery Tap in Manchester I had some 12% imperial stout which was absolutely gorgeous.   Not for everyone, of course, but with fourteen options you could spare one or two for "stupid" beers like that.

I looked up the Wild Swan on t'internet.  It's Thornbridge, of course, I should have recognised the pump clip.  Then I would have known it was tasty, I've never had a Thornbridge brew I didn't like.  Jaipur, of course, is a favourite, but there's also a wonderful chocolate one I think?

Christmas decorations in here were once again restrained and therefore excellent.  

I wonder what this place was before it was a pub?  I'll check streetview when I get home...  In 2008 it was a bar called Mustard, which I never ticked.  Before that it was Holyoake Hall, a Co-op building which was a dance hall in the 1960s, hosting the Beatles a number of times. 

Time to go home?  Perhaps one more brand new tick before I go, Leaf:

I did the branch in town some time ago but I've never been in this one, so let's see what we get.  D'oh!  It closes at four and what time is it?  Four.  

Oh well, I'll head for home then.

Pub of the day: Three Piggies
Beer of the day: Thornbridge Wild Swan
Miles walked: 1.3
Maybe coming soon: Undecided.


  1. A shame you didn't pop onto Foghertys just around the corner from Crafty Swine!

    1. So many pubs, so little time! I skipped Foghertys because I was in there only last year.