Thursday 1 September 2022

Too Early in Heswall - All My Own Fault

A visit by a friend who collects Wetherspoon's was a good excuse for a trip out to Heswall to see the new one, last visited by me in 2019 when it was the Exchange.  It is now Wetherspoon's Prense Well:

They have done a very good job of the refurbishment, the pleasant decor includes pale wood panelling.  The layout is pretty much as I remember it in the Exchange.  It was surprisingly quiet at one on a Thursday, ticking over gently as we enjoyed our quality ale and curry.

Next, the Jug and Bottle:

The interior of this food-oriented pub is beautiful, spread over a number of rooms.  Again, not busy, just ticking over quietly, mostly with dining families.  I had an excellent pint of Peerless Triple Blond.

Next, we headed for the Black Horse, failing to read my notes which say it opens at three:

Needless to say it wasn't open yet, and I can't even complain about unreliable opening hours, it was all my own fault this time.  And it would have been a brand new tick as well!

So, a long slog back up the steep hill to the Dee View:

No change in here, a pleasant open room, and a selection of quality ales.  The White Rat was beautiful as always.  No other customers, perhaps it has only just opened.

One or two more came in, some choosing to drink outside in the lovely sunshine.

It's after three now, should we re-try the Black Horse?  I don't think I could face that climb again!

Back towards the centre of Heswall, hello, what's this?  A new one called the Blind Pig:

It's not open now (too early again!) but I'll add it to the database.

As I turned away from the Blind Pig I noticed this shop two doors down with the builders in, and I could see a counter with beer fonts:

So another new one coming soon, I think.

On to the Johnny Pye:

I have had a mediocre pint in here before and it certainly doesn't look like a cask sort of place, but my pint of Directors was spot on, served by a friendly landlady.

A pleasant enough modern construction this one with a decent number of customers.  It was filled with background chatter along with the piped music.

Pub of the day: They were all very good.
Miles walked: 1.3
Maybe coming soon: To be decided.

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