Friday, 27 May 2022

The Nether Regions

I can never fix in my mind the difference between Netherley and Netherton, but today, er, [Consults map] Netherton is where I headed.

I caught a train to Old Roan, for a short walk to Netherton...

But wait, first a visit to the Oldy Club:

A classic social club this, although no one asked me to sign in.  The large concert room was closed, I sat in one of the two or three bar rooms.  Plain rather well done decor with a preponderance of grey as is now fashionable.

Two locals sitting at the counter were the only other custom I could see at two on the afternoon, although there might be more in the other side.  Hopefully it's a lot busier in the evening.

Quiet or not, I was pleased to see this increasingly rare sort of place surviving.  This example was previously the British Legion, I believe.

Next, on towards Netherton...  But wait, what about the Park Hotel?

Now this is definitely a residential hotel, so it probably shouldn't be in my guide and I think if I discovered it today I wouldn't add it, but once you're in the database you can never leave, so it needs to be ticked.

Quite an impressive hotel, I as usual turned the wrong way at the door so I had a tour of the restaurant and function rooms, all very well done, before I found the bar, also very nicely decorated in contemporary style.  

Just three or four other customers at three, as I enjoyed my second Guinness of the day.

I wonder who the hotel customers are here.  Tourists would need a car or a taxi to get anywhere, except perhaps for a walk to the racecourse.  Business visitors would have a car.  Plus, of course, anyone attending a function here.

On towards Netherton...  But wait, first - Only kidding!  At last, into the Nether regions, to Marti's Sports Bar:

Not much to look at from the outside, is it?  This shop conversion in a parade of shops contains one plain square room rather nicely decorated and well cared for, and very popular at four on a Friday.  The music was mostly drowned out by lively chatter. (From the bits I overheard, yesterday's payout was nowhere near enough to save the Tories from future electoral defeat!)

Another new tick for me, three today!  No cask, of course, so another Guinness.  The friendly barmaid had some trouble pouring it, everyone else was on lager, but eventually she produced a good tasty pint.

A large sign refers to the Village Inn Group, is that related to the Village Inn in Formby I wonder?  Some internet research later revealed nothing.

Just a short distance down the road is the Eden Vale:

This classic 60s estate boozer has been remodelled on the inside, creating a large open lounge side and a slightly smaller bar side.  I took a 50/50 guess at the doorway and entered the lounge which was quite quiet with only a handful of customers.  The bar side was much busier, and the main noise in the lounge was the hubbub from the other side.  My notes from twelve years ago include the word grubby; not true now, the whole interior is nicely done.

The long counter was "protected" by a yellow and black hazard tape, I'm not sure what for as everyone, and I, just leaned across it to order.

I enjoyed a fourth Guinness in a secluded corner of the lounge.

I observed with interest the 2020s Jukebox protocol; you have to pay here, but at least one lad put money in and then didn't spend it all, leaving some credit for someone else to choose a track.  Later, another bloke selected Bob Dylan's Hurricane, but there was no credit left so we didn't get to hear it.  As I watched the display I was a little surprised to see that there isn't a bit of the screen allocated to "now playing", surely that would be of interest?

As an aside, I was disappointed but not very surprised to learn that the BBC has censored Hurricane, clearly they haven't actually listened to what it is saying.  Are they allowed to play Oliver's Army, which contains the same contentious word?

My original plan for today had assumed that some of the targets would be shut, so I'd mapped out a long walk through Litherland via a number of other ticks, finishing at Seaforth station, but having done four it's easier to go back to where I started, so I headed back to Old Roan.

Pub of the day: Eden Vale - Classic exterior, well cared for inside.
Miles walked: 3.3
Maybe coming soon: St Helens/Sutton

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