Friday, 11 June 2021

New Brighton

On a rather grey but warm Friday I headed off to New Brighton.  The trains were quite busy.

I started in the Three B er I mean the James Atherton:

The temporary renaming as the Three Bellends has ended but there's still plenty of the related publicity material about the place.  I haven't been in here since 2006 when it was called the Railway, so I didn't really know what to expect.  What I found was a rather well done two room pub with, oh joy, the handpumps in use, and I was soon enjoying a fine pint of Hawkshead Pale.

Almost no other customers at two thirty, rather disappointing I think, quality ale needs drinkers.

Decent rock at a comfortable level was pretty much the only sound in here.

Next, let's try the Harbour:

Apparently not open at the moment although it looks to be operational, so on to the New Brighton Hotel:

Back in '03 when I was last in here it was an Irish style pub called Peggy Gadfly's.  I'm not sure why I've always missed it on subsequent trips to the area; possibly it was only open in the evenings, as indeed it is now Monday to Thursday.

Anyway, well worth another visit, the decor in the multi-roomed interior is rather good, not over the top just comfortable.  The theme colour is grey which seems to have become very popular in recent years.  Contrasted by a little mauve lighting.

Three handpumps on the counter but no clips, so I resorted to the black stuff.  

Again very quiet, only three other customers, chatting to the barman.  If we don't get more people out drinking on a Friday afternoon there are going to be a lot more pub closures to come.  Come on folks, I can't do it on my own.

The floor show arrived, landlady and friend and the handyman who was installing glass rails.  The banter was highly entertaining.

I was intrigued to see a font for draught cocktails on the counter.  I wonder what they taste like?  Can I have a pint?  Wisely deciding not to pursue that line further, I moved across the road to the never visited Homebrew Tap:

They don't exactly have a spectacular exterior style do they, this small chain?

A well done shop conversion, actually two shops knocked through, almost next door to the Bow-legged Beagle.  Sadly, no cask ales today, two naked handpumps on the counter and the friendly barman said they're just waiting for a delivery.

Instead, I selected a hazy pale from Magic Rock called Murk-Life Balance which was great, with a flowery hoppy flavour.

Continuing today's theme, only two other customers at four on a Friday, I'm getting more and more worried about the future of these places.

Next, I abandoned my pub ticking principles and headed next door to the Bow-Legged Beagle, last visited only nine months ago:

What a contrast with next door.  Running out of tables, outside and in, and the barman was constantly busy serving.  Clearly this is where everyone goes to drink!

Four handpumps in use, some great selections including Ossett Butterley and my choice, Peerless Oatmeal Stout, which was very good.

The soundtrack in here was animated chatter, I think there might have been some music underneath?  Actually, on further listening, no there isn't.

As often happens in micros, most of the customers know each other and the friendly efficient barman, Pete.

While I was enjoying my ale, a peanut butter milk stout was added to the blackboard.  Sounds great, but it's time to go.

Pub of the day: Bow-Legged Beagle
Miles walked: Only 0.7 today.
Maybe coming soon: Waterloo

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