Monday, 5 October 2020

Denbigh Castle

Blood donor day again, and a chance to visit a pub which has changed name and gained real ale since the last time I was there, so I headed for the Denbigh Castle:

Only one other customer in here at half one on a Monday.  I zapped the NHS code and chose a table where I was quickly provided with an excellent pint of Dissolution IPA from Kirkstall.  What a great tasty ale, quite sweet but still hoppy.

They've got five handpumps, three had clips, Banks's Amber and one I couldn't read from my seat being the other options.

I was trying to remember what this place was like last time I visited, in 2012, when it was called Jupiter's, but I couldn't visualise the room then.  I suspect it's been totally remodelled since.  Anyway, now it has pleasant slightly dark decor with a pale wood floor.

I hope they get enough customers at more popular times to keep the quality ales flowing.

There's no sign to indicate the way to the gents, I eventually worked out it's downstairs where there is also another room with a counter and two handpumps, obviously not in use at this time.

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