Saturday 6 July 2019

Saturday Afternoon In Town

Just a quick trip into Liverpool city centre, for a chance to check out our new Wetherspoon's:
Not the best time to visit, half past three on a Saturday afternoon, but needs must...

This compact member of the chain, with one open dark-panelled room broken up by pillars, was not surprisingly packed, and customers were waiting three deep at the counter.  A quick glance at the pumps found me Oakham's White Dwarf which when I was eventually served was superb.  To be fair, I didn't wait too long, there were a large number of staff running up and down behind the counter and, unusually for 'spoons serving people in order.

I managed to find a vacant table near the kitchen, and I watched meals whizzing out.  For some reason one lonely chicken burger sat on the top shelf for ages while other meals came and went, I wonder why.  Eventually it was delivered, with no hint of why it had been delayed.

Just across the road is The Old Bank:
The interior here is spectacular, and I think it has been further tidied up since my last visit, in 2002.  Marble columns, gold ceiling decorations, wrought iron banisters and umpteen chandeliers.

Again, it was busy on a Saturday afternoon, but not as packed as Wetherspoon's.  A very mixed crowd, groups of lads, tourists, a hen party, and a lone pub blogger.

The kit was set up for live music later, a solo singer judging by the size of the stage.  In the mean time, plenty of sport was on tellys around the walls.  Large screens and yet somehow unobtrusive - Well done!

A brief random wander took me to a place I've never heard of, the Castle Street Townhouse:
I wonder what this was before?  Now, it's a rather well done up-market bar full of beautiful people drinking gin or Prosecco, but also quite a lot of beer, Blue Moon seemed the most popular served with a slice of orange, of course.  I chose Love Lane, a pint of which cost me £5.00.  (Cheaper than the pints of Dark Star Hophead I had in London yesterday!)

I must say that while this is certainly not my sort of pub, it is rather well done, with efficient friendly staff buzzing around providing good service.

Now we're doing bars I've never heard of on Castle street, the options are manifold.  I chose McGuffie at random:
This narrow corridor bar had rather fun quirky old-looking decor to match the original leaded glass shop front.

Only two beers on tap, Asahi or Kozel, and they don't sell pints, only schooners.

Another bar that's not of my sort, but is still rather good.  A bit too much show-off cocktail shaking behind the counter, er, what's the name of that film?  Duh, it's Cocktail, with Tom Cruise.

Time to go home.

Pubs of the day: Captain Alexander for the ale, the Old Bank for the decor.
Miles walked: 1

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