Friday 14 September 2018

Good Beer Guide 2019

It's out, although my "early" copy still hasn't arrived.

I can report that in Merseyside 15 pubs are out and 13 are in.  As always, if you want to know which they are you'll have to buy the book.  That's if you can find one.  (Bitter, me?)

Of the 73 Merseyside pubs in this year's guide, there are five I have never visited.  That'll give me something to do over the next few weeks, or probably not in one case:

Regular readers of this blog will have noted my occasional whinges about places with limited opening hours, especially when they don't keep to the hours advertised on the internet.  But things are taken to a ridiculous extreme in the new GBG:  The Connoisseur Ales Brewery and Tasting Rooms in St Helens is, as far as I can see from their web site, only open for a few hours a month.  St Helens CAMRA must be having a laugh!  This section of the book is headed "The Pubs" - Surely there's a proper pub in the area they could include, instead of this one which clearly belongs in the Breweries section.
Update, Saturday:  I've got mine at last!       

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