Tuesday 21 November 2017

Two Hundred And Fifty

I visited the Blood Donor Centre today for my hundreth donation of platelets, giving me a total score of two hundred and fifty which I'm hoping will win me a certificate or something.  All I got today was a packet of crisps and a Penguin. (That's the biscuit, not the bird.)

Anyway, afterwards I headed to a favourite pub of mine, the Globe on Cases Street:
This splendid tiny pub is far too busy most of the time but at 3pm on a damp Tuesday afternoon I managed to get a table.
The famous slanting floor is particularly noticeable if you sit at one of the (sloping) tables facing the (level) bar counter.
I was served a rather short pint of Landlord, and was slightly miffed to note that a regular, ordering the same a few minutes later, was told "I'll just let it settle."  Apparently strangers don't merit this treatment.  Never mind, the ale was, as usual, of excellent quality.

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