Saturday 16 March 2024


Today I headed east to Earlestown where there are a number of pubs overdue for a revisit.  I began by walking past some good targets which I will get on the way back, to Vulcan Village and the Vulcan Inn:

I used up all my Star Trek jokes last time I was here so I won't do that today.  My pre flight checks had shown this as closed, and indeed it was.

Back the way I came and next is the Wargrave Hacienda:

Facebook says it opens at 12:30 but it didn't.  Google says 15:00 but I'll be well away by then.  So two fails out of two so far!

A little further on is the Victoria:

This one was a "closed when it should be open" failure last time I surveyed round here, so I haven't been in since 2010.  No such problem today, and I was soon drinking a Carling in this comfortable two sided pub.

I adjourned to the extension at the back, an empty dining area hopefully ready for lots of food later.

One barmaid was busy inflating green balloons in preparation for tonight and/or tomorrow's celebrations.

I know I seem to write this in almost every pub, but once again this one is nicely decorated, well maintained and spotlessly clean.  It really is a comfortable place, only needing cask ale to make it a favourite.

Next, another pub that, like the Victoria, I had seen open on my way down, the Sunbeam:

A classic down market two sided back street boozer this one, perhaps not as "nice" as the Victoria but still clean, pleasant and comfortable.

Just five regulars were watching the FA cup, the rest of the pub was empty apart from some children in the other side.  I had Guinness this time, it is after all Paddy's Day tomorrow although I was pleased to note there's no sign of it in here.

They've got one of those backwards clocks, so confusing after a few pints!

On to the Old Crow:

I was a little concerned as I approached to see some closed doors, but a closer look revealed an open one, thank goodness.  I seem to remember a similar moment of doubt last time I came here, it does look like it's shut doesn't it.

This large two bar pub was pretty quiet, I joined four or five regulars in the left hand side (No idea if there is a bar/lounge difference.)  There were two or three people in the other side as well.

Clean, well maintained and comfortable once again, and for the third time today a worrying lack of customers on a Saturday afternoon.  I've said it before and I'll probably say it again:  Use it or lose it, people, I can't save all the pubs on my own.

Now, a walk to the other side of Earlestown and the imposing building that is the Griffin:

There's something about this pub, not just the gorgeous building, that makes me rate it highly.  The two bar multi-room interior has slightly quirky and very attractive decor.  As usual, it's well maintained and spotless.

There were almost enough customers in here to create a hubbub of conversation, but the rugger (league) commentary was winning.

I looked at the telly briefly.  Hull 4 Leicester 22 and the stands are mostly empty.  (No, wait, LEI is Leigh)  If they can't fill the ground on a Saturday afternoon then the sport is doomed, I think - Another use it or lose it situation.  I was surprised to see the substitutes pedalling on exercise bikes on the touchline, they don't do that in footie.

The backwards clock salesman did well in Earlestown, here's another one and this time I've had enough beer to be momentarily confused by it.

Having run out of required targets, I think it is time to head for home.

Pub of the day: Griffin
Beer of the day: Guinness
Miles walked: 3.5
Maybe coming soon: Bebington, Canny Farm, Claughton

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  1. New micro ‘the Collaboration’ opening next Weds on Church Road Bebington