Saturday 17 February 2024

New Ticks In Crosby

For today's research I headed up to Crosby, hoping for a favourite and a new one.  I started in the Crows Nest:

This lovely pub continues unchanged since I was last here in 2018, the highlights being gorgeous architecture, excellent real ale, and waiter service in the lounge.

The lounge side was completely empty when I arrived at ten past one, a group of three came in shortly afterwards.  I don't think there was anyone in the bar either.

I ordered my pint of Yorkshire Blond at the hatch and it was brought to my table soon after.

No music disturbed the splendid peace in this wonderful pub.  What a contrast with my first call last week, the Albert!  I contemplated cancelling the research and just staying here as it is so good, but the pub guide author's work is never done so I'll carry on.  Talking of the guide, the proof copy of the 2024 book is in the post as I write, so if it's alright it will be on sale in a few days.

On to the Birkey:

I should have realised when someone came into the Crows Nest to ask if they had the match on and left when told no:  They had got the match here, on umpteen small and big screens, and the place was full of reds.

Only one pump had a label, I gambled on London Glory and it was spot on, and only £3.24 with CAMRA discount.  (Unusually there was a sign on the counter directly in my eye line so I remembered to claim the discount.)

Everyone else was here for the footie, and I had to stand and lean on a pillar where I wasn't blocking anyone's view.

Next, in to the centre of Crosby, and a place I haven't visited since it was the Exchange, in 2002.  Since then it has been called Village and Suburb 24 before becoming Townhouse:

What I found in here was attractive rough wood decor, making for a very pleasant pub.  Some customers were in to watch the footie, Liverpool won 1-4 as I enjoyed my pint of Madri.

It's a shame I didn't get to visit the intermediate versions of this place in the twenty two years since I was last here, I would have liked to know what they were like.  I can't actually recall what I saw in '02 but I assume it was nothing like this rather well designed modern pub.   I noticed they have limited opening hours (In fact Google says they don't open until four today.) so they are presumably aiming for the busy evening customers.  I guess I was lucky Liverpool were playing or I wouldn't have got this tick.

Almost all the customers departed once the match was over, I hope this rather attractive places gets more people later.  It continued to tick over slowly with a few odd customers coming in but not enough, I fear, to pay the barmaid's wages.

The weather had now changed to heavy rain, so it was time to get wet.  I moved on to a new tick, Angus:

Having been in the Angus in Liverpool I had an idea what to expect here, but I was completely wrong!  A large cavernous front area was full of blokes and loudish music.  Sky sports news was on a giant screen, silently.

Before me at the counter were two "little old ladies", not seeming to fit with the vibes of the place; once they'd got their drinks they headed upstairs so perhaps it's more calm on the mezzanine?

No cask, unlike the branch in town, so for a change I had a fine pint of Erdinger.  I sat in the slightly quieter back of the room, but even here it was noisy and busy.

Right, I'm knackered already, time to head for home.  One classic gem and one new tick are enough to make this a good survey, I think.

But hang on a mo, what's this?  Only a few yards along my journey back to the station, I find Rocksalt:

A somewhat up market cafe bar, comfortable and pleasant and I enjoyed a pint of Camden Pale in one of those short fat glasses.  The leather sofa I sat on was very relaxing, with a significant risk of me dozing off!

They make a big thing about using local suppliers for their food ingredients, so perhaps they ought to have local craft ales, such as Love Lane, instead of London brews but who's complaining, the Camden was good,

It's always good to catch a brand new (To me, actually it has been here since 2019.) unexpected tick, so perhaps I'm a little biased but this is a rather fine cafe with plenty of customers, many of whom were enjoying the food which, I must say, smelled good.  Or do I mean smelt good?

Definitely time for home now.

Pub of the day: Crows Nest
Beer of the day: Ossett Yorkshire Blond
Miles walked: 1
Maybe coming soon: Fazakerley, Bebington

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