Friday 13 October 2023

A New One In Town

Blood donation complete, I headed for a brand new pub, the Eberle:

In an old building (Was it ever a pub before I wonder.) are two large rooms with high ceilings, the rear one has a small bar counter.  The decor is best described as nicely done plain.  There is a tiny stage in the corner for live music.

The sign outside promises cask ale but there is none, so I had a good pint of the house lager.  The place has only been open for a month, why pay for the signwriter to put CASK ALES on the outside if you're not going to bother.  UPDATE: Since my visit I have learned that by December they had fitted the handpumps and are now serving good cask.

I was alone in the back room, there were a group playing pool in the front.

It's always very pleasing to collect a new pub.

Next, on to one last visited in 2017, the Dead Crafty Beer Company:

They insist on table service here, I was guided to a table and handed a long beer menu.  The trouble with a list in strength order is that I automatically start at the end, so I chose a wonderful imperial stout at 10%, Mortalis Brewing Company's Chronos.  Only a third of a pint, though.  Oh my, cocoa, coffee, vanilla and almonds go in it, it really is superb.  I noticed I could buy a growler to take away for £33.50, now that's tempting!  How much is in a growler?  I'd probably get home and then drink the lot.

The bare brick and steel joist decor along with the old floorboards create a rather good "industrial" vibe.  The open door meant it was cold inside, as was the Eberle, I think it's time pubs switched to winter mode.  (On my usual Wednesday visit to the Big House this week I hesitated for a moment as I approached as I hadn't seen the door closed since the refurbishment.)

Now I'm not supposed to do this on a pub survey, but this isn't a formal survey as such and anyway I get to choose the rules as I see fit. So let's have another even stronger one:  Brew York's Give That Wolf A Cherry is another super powered stout, twelve percent this time.  Pow!  Not quite as treacly as the previous one and not over cherry flavoured, just right.  It's got a hell of a kick to it.

I've just noticed it says crowler not growler on the menu, not heard of one of those before but Google tells me it is a metal version.

Having enthused about the bar and the beers, I must record a negative note; Friday the thirteenth or not, it's too early for Halloween decorations.

There's one more strong one on the menu, a Citra hopped IPA at 10.5%, but I'd better head for home or someone will have to carry me.

Pub of the day: DCBC
Beer of the day: Mortalis Chronos
Miles walked: 2.0
Maybe coming soon: Bold Heath, Sutton, Anfield

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