Thursday 6 April 2023

The Junction

Not a pub survey today, I travelled to Rainford to ride on the last ever trains between there and Kirkby.  Those of you interested in railways will know the details and those who are not won't care, so I will not describe this further.

However, finding myself at Rainford (Formerly Rainford Junction) station I took the opportunity to nip in to the Junction pub:

It's always good to visit a quality pub such as this, and I have long forgiven the incident many years ago when I came all the way here by train only to find the place closed when the signs said it should be open.

At six there were plenty of drinkers in the place, with gentle chatter mostly drowning the background music.

My pint of a rum porter from Wily Fox was excellent.  The menu looks good but I was surprised that I couldn't see anyone eating.

It is lucky they've got free WiFi because I had no mobile signal, and I needed to check the progress of my train.  As soon as I typed that, all the lights went out, along with the internet!  Someone said the pub is powered by a generator.  I know this is the middle of nowhere, but surely they have mains electricity by now!  Perhaps diesel is cheaper, although I don't think you can use the red stuff nowadays.

Anyway, brief power outage notwithstanding, this is truly a great pub, deservedly popular, and well worth a visit if you're passing - Or even if you're not.

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