Friday 17 March 2023


On a remarkably warm day I took a bus under the river to Moreton, where I first headed to the Grange:

With the exception of a surfeit of Irish decorations (Is it a special day today??) this pleasant friendly boozer hasn't changed since my visit five years ago.  

Five minutes of fiddling in the cellar failed to fix the Carling supply, eventually I gave up and had a more flavoursome lager instead.  I did wonder if this would come at the Carling price, but sadly not.

The pub was very quiet considering it is two on a Friday afternoon, one group finishing their lunch were the only other people in the "lounge" side where I sat.  I could hear some chatter from the other end of the building, but the five bar staff were hardly stretched, even with two of them busy working on the Carling pipework.

Next, to the centre of Moreton and the Vineyard:

Not much sign of the bistro I recorded five years ago, and I think they've knocked down some walls, maybe?  Anyway, a pleasant open room with a counter on one side, the decor is plain and not over the top.  Any fool can add lots of decorations, it takes taste and skill to produce plain attractive styling.

The landlord disappeared to change his baby's nappy, asking me to field any customers.  Meanwhile, the bloke fixing the light over the door finished his free drink, "that's the easiest pint I've ever earned".

So, I was the only customer until two younger blokes came in wanting to watch something on the telly.  Cheltenham I guess.  The landlord turned down the music and up the commentary, but to a quiet non-irritating level - Well done.

Now, just across the roundabout is the Coach and Horses:

The traffic makes it really hard to get a good photograph of this pub!

It was very busy in here and I toured the whole pub with my pint before squeezing in a corner.  "Got any tips?" asked the lads at the next table.  Apparently they'd spotted me as I came in and I look a bit like a famous tipster.  We soon established that I'm not him!

Ordinary pub decor in here, unchanged since my visit five years ago although clearly well maintained in the mean time.

This place is really doing well at three o'clock, so much busier than the previous two pubs.  Racing commentary was drowned out by the happy chatter of dozens of customers, despite the 'speaker being just above my head.

The Irish decorations were fairly muted here, just a few balloons, although the barmaid was wearing St Patrick's Day deely-boppers.  Is that the right word for those springy things on your head?

I looked around the room as the 2.50 at Cheltenham was run.  Clearly the majority of the people were here to watch the racing, but by no means all of them.

Next, off down a side street or two to a pub which might not be open, let's see...

I was looking for the Sandbrook, but now it's the Clipper:

So it has switched back to the original name, but nothing else has changed in this classic 60s estate boozer.

Just as last time (2018) the lounge is closed off and the happy team of regulars are clustered at the counter chatting with the landlord and landlady.

I waited patiently for one of the regulars to go to the toilet, so I could find out where it was.  No one did so I had to guess.  While on my way there I glanced through the lounge doors, it would appear to be ready and waiting for use perhaps at busy times or for functions.

Lots of banter and shouting as the Gold Cup was run, one of the regulars had a bet on, and his horse fell, I think. I worried that everyone was staring at me until I realised one of the tellies was right above my head and that was what they were watching.  

Finally, I returned to the middle of Moreton, to Greene King's Farmers Arms:

Gosh!  Even busier than the Coach and Horses, with a massive throng at the counter being served fairly well by the bar staff.  It has been said that "who's next" is an admission of failure by bar staff, they ought to be keeping an eye on the crowd and should know who comes next.  Nonetheless, I was soon served with a decent Greene King IPA, I didn't see any other pints of cask sold while I was waiting.

I was given a "buy five get one free" card with my pint, I don't think I'll manage to fill it, at one visit every five years my free pint comes in 2048, age 87!

Quiet commentary from Cheltenham was drowned out by umpteen animated conversations; as I had commented to the gentleman next to me at the counter, it's good to see a busy pub nowadays.  The customers ranged from boozing blokes to dining families - appealing to both is the secret of success nowadays, I think.

My table was reserved for "entertainment" from 7.30, I wonder what that means. Does the performer sit here or do they move this table away to make some space?  In any case, I'll be home before then.  

I watched another race on the telly in my eye line.  One fall, I hope neither horse nor jockey were hurt.

Time for home, I think, so I strolled up to the station.

Pub of the day: The Clipper, a classic.
Beer of the day: Greene King IPA
Miles walked: 2.6
Maybe coming soon: Southport, Edge Hill, Wavertree, Rice Lane

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