Friday, 17 February 2023


A bus under the river soon saw me in Liscard where there are a number of pubs last ticked in January 2018 and therefore due a revisit.

I started in the Queens:

Not much change in here in five years except for a refurbishment which has resulted in the side I selected looking even better than last time, I think.

Two handpumps on the counter but an "awaiting perfection" sign meant no cask at the moment.  Perhaps later?  I had a Carling.

About a dozen regulars were keeping the chatter going, not bad for one on a Friday, I imagine there are a lot more later.

I could see three different TV sports channels from my seat.

Three constables came in and had a brief word with the barman.  Nosy as always, I tried to listen in but failed.

Next, the slightly odd Stanley's:

No clips on the three handpumps, so it was fizz again for me, and they haven't got Carling!

As I remarked last time I was here, this is a rather peculiar place.  The bare brick decor with little touches that hint at "baronial" style, especially the impressive fireplace, is very attractive but I'm not sure what kind of clientele it is aimed at.

In any case, at two on a Friday I was the only customer which doesn't bode well, although if I recall correctly it was pretty quiet last time I came and it has apparently survived OK since then.  A sign advertised food on Sunday, I can imagine the place full of families enjoying Sunday dinner.

I listened to clonk-clonk-clonk, always in threes.  Yes, the staff were playing darts.  Where did I hear that sound before?  Oh yes, the Volly in Waterloo.

Moving on, I walked to the Vineyard which I expected to be closed; it was, so on to the Duke Of Wellington:

Here I confused the lone barmaid by sneaking in the side door while she went out the other for a smoke break.  She apologized profusely but actually a thirty second delay is hardly anything to complain about.  I insisted there was no problem.

Those stories about people going to their local to save on heating at home clearly don't apply here, it was freezing.  Just a very small number of customers, I think "ticking over" would be exaggerating the trade.  Perhaps some heat would get more people in.  There's a Wetherspoon's just down the road, I bet that's warm.  (We'll see later...)

Onwards, hoping for better ale, to the Lazy Landlord:

Result!  Oakham Citra, one of the greatest ales ever made. Carefully pulled through before my pint was served.  And it was gorgeous.

I've always thought of this as an above average micro-pub, and this visit just confirms that opinion.  Pleasant decor, friendly barman, quality ale, what more could one ask for?  Not that warm inside, but certainly warmer than the Wellington, and storm Otto outside.

Plenty of breweriana decorates the small back area, including a wonderful Tetley sign.

The place was ticking over at ten past three, with more customers than the ten times larger Wellington.

Finally, the Wetherspoon's Clairville, which I'm surprised to see I haven't ticked since 2017:

Another great result, another one of the best ales ever, this time it's Titanic Plum Porter.  Perhaps I ought to make a list of the top ten ales, but that might result in more controversy than I'm ready for?

Plenty of free tables but this is certainly the busiest pub today.  It is now nearly four o'clock, so I guess the others may be more busy than they were.  A classic Wetherspoon's this; where all you can hear is a hubbub of chatter.  My shares are gradually creeping up in value; I think investors are finally realising that the 'spoons formula will do even better in a time of financial constraint and it's the more expensive pubs that will suffer.

As I enjoyed my ale I thought some more about the "greatest ales":  Am I allowed to include historical ones?  Burtonwood Bitter in 1981 would be on my list, for example, but you can't get it any more.

Pub of the day: Lazy Landlord
Beer of the day: Oakham Citra
Miles walked: 1.5
Maybe coming soon: Breck Road, Rice Lane, Edge Hill


  1. excellent write i hardly drink now but but do support pubs for food, keep up the work

    1. Sadly, I can't really review the food at five pubs on a survey!