Monday 31 December 2018

End Of Year Stats

Merseyside pubs listed:  1,849 of which 1,075 are believed to be open.
Merseyside pubs visited in 2018: 367
Merseyside pubs visited, all time: 1,297
Targets (Open pubs not visited in the last five years): 526

It's sixteen months since I restarted weekly research trips, and I have to confess that I have been going for the "low hanging fruit", and in the coming year it will be harder to find clusters of targets I can easily hit with just a few miles of walking.  So there may be more trips with only two or three pubs ticked, or trips that visit two different areas.  Or in extreme cases perhaps I'll have to start using taxis between pubs.

The next milestone, I think, will be 1,300 pubs visited, which should come fairly soon.

Happy New Year!

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