Wednesday 3 October 2018


I commenced today's tour at the closed Brighton:
Next, on to the Five Bars Rest, or Seacombe Social Club according to one of the signs:
Inside the rather fine building is a plain pub knocked through to form one room.  The far end was blocked off, with building work and painting under way, so I bet it looks spick and span soon.

Quite a few locals were scattered about and apart from the builder's electric screwdriver the main sound was conversation.

A rather inebriated woman, at only two in the afternoon, said goodbye to everyone in the pub, one at a time, before wobbling out of the door.  It was "Sorry, I don't know your name" when she got to me.

I walked on, photographing the Prince Alfred
... the Leasowe Castle
... and O'Shea's, all closed as expected:
Finally I reached the Mona Castle:
Here a major crisis arose:  I pressed the button on my tablet and nothing happened.  I fiddled with it for a few moments and then was forced to revert to pen and paper for my notes.

There's one small front room, brightly decorated and well looked after, occupied by a handful of regulars who all knew each other.  One or two were watching footie on the TV, but the main centre of interest was a little girl who was playing with toy cars and running around all over the place, including behind the counter.  I was amused to note that she knew which can of flavoured cider to take out of the fridge for her mum.

Your ideal local boozer, comfortable and friendly.

I walked on, looking for the Bird In Hand, but it has been demolished and replaced with modern housing; one that got away.

Next, the never before visited Sandbank:
Now, the rules of my pub guide say the name is "as appears on the outside", so perhaps I should record this as the Sandban?

Inside I found a large open tidy room with a dozen or more customers scattered around.  I committed the faux-pas of sitting at a table which was reserved by the presence of a bingo pen, resulting in a swift complaint from a nearby table and dirty looks from all round the pub.  Discretion being the better part of valour, I quickly moved.  Looking round I could see everyone else was here for the bingo.

According to the blackboard, "Rigby's Cat" are playing here soon; could they mean Rigsby's?

What a pleasant boozer, busy at three on a Wednesday, a bright and cheerful interior, friendly regulars (as long as you don't sit in their seats.)

I downed my beer a little more quickly than usual, to make sure I was well out of the way before the bingo started.  I got the distinct impression that they take it very seriously here.

Quite a long walk took me to my final target, the Rose & Crown:
A large two-sided pub with a few historic features, some wood panelling and leaded glass.

Just a few regulars in both sides, I chose left which turned out to be the bar.  There was no-one behind the counter so I sneaked round to the nicely appointed lounge side where there was also no-one serving.  I completed a full circuit and was quickly served back in the bar.  The landlady then appeared "I've been chasing you round the pub," she laughed.

Unusually, they don't seem to sell Carling here so I had Fosters instead.

Another amusing notice for my collection:
To avoid accident or injury to your child whilst the little darling is running round this establishment, please hand to a member of staff who will be happy to nail them to your table!!!
I hit the power button on the tablet and it sprang back into life.  What's that about?  Time to start thinking about buying a new one, I fear.

After a period of silence, the landlady attacked the jukebox, and we got some music.  Starting with Madness by Madness, it's a long time since I last heard that one.

"Roast dinner and dessert £6 every Sunday," says a sign.  You can't argue with that.

I glanced at Sky Sports, what on earth is CDMX?  One minute they were shooting guns, then swimming.  Google to the rescue: CDMX is Mexico City, the competition is some kind of pentathlon.  By the time I'd typed all that, the women were fencing.

Time for a bus under the river, and a train home.

Pub of the day:  I think the Sandban(k), just because it was doing so well on a Wednesday afternoon.
Miles walked: 2.7
Maybe coming soon: Maghull; Wargrave

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