Tuesday 10 April 2018


On a cold and very grey day I headed for Anfield.  My first target was the Glenbuck (formerly the Stanley):
It looks like it might still be operational, but it wasn't open on a Tuesday afternoon.

On to the King Harry:
Curses!  Another one that looks like it's operating as a pub, but it's not open.  Was this going to be theme of the day?

On to the Salisbury, now called the Twelfth Man, and - Yippee - It's open:
My notes from 2004 described it as nicely done out and it still is.  A traditional two room layout, there was one customer sitting at the counter in the side I chose.  The cheerful landlady struggled to get some Guinness out of the pump, but after pouring some away and some careful topping up I got a good pint.

After I'd typed the above another customer came in and chose to sit at the table next to mine, causing me to stop writing this and put my tablet away, in case he objected to anything I was writing.  In fact, after a brief exchange he politely kept himself to himself, so no problem.

Next, the Albert.  My streetview research had led me to believe this was closed, and it was:
I expect LFC will snap the plot up and add it to their ever-increasing footprint.  I've since been advised it is still open on match days.

On to the Park:
Knocked through into one pleasant split-level room this boozer is very close to the ground, with the Paisley Gateway visible across the road through the large front windows.

There were enough customers in here to create a pleasant background of chatter, along with the clack of pool balls and the sound from a TV music channel at a sensible volume.

The pool players were having great fun, spending more time laughing and arguing over the rules which none of them knew than actually playing.

Next, I headed for the Sandon:
It was shut at the time of my visit, another with limited opening hours.  However, they have expanded to take over the whole block, and at the other end of the complex I found Dodds open:
Inside I found a rather good interior with unusual modern styling, bare brick walls and arches painted light grey and a plainish black/grey/white colour scheme I rather liked.  I recently visited another pub with this "colour" scheme but I can't remember which one!

Quite a few drinkers and pool players were keeping the place ticking over nicely.  There was racing on the tellies but I couldn't see anyone watching it.

The pool players in here were taking it more seriously than in the Park.

Finally, that extremely rare bonus, a pub I've never heard of:  The Church:
Wow!  Inside is a rather splendid converted church looking beautiful.  Seating is on pews, as well as normal chairs, in the high ceilinged open room with a counter in one corner.

Totally unexpected, someone's obviously put a lot of money into saving this building and converting it, but surely it can't make any money here in Anfield?  I hope I'm wrong about that, as the room is a wonderful space and all it needs is more customers.  It so deserves to survive.

The food menu looks great value, but they can't be making enough to pay the chef's wages when it's as quiet as this.

As I drank my Guinness I wondered how long this place has been here as a pub.  A scan of Streetview says about a year.

Next, to provide a little entertainment, two women came in, picked on the quiet corner where I was sitting and decided, for no apparent reason, to re-arrange things by moving the pews about, causing total chaos.  Luckily, after four pints I was relaxed and happy so I just laughed, helped shove a pew, and got out of the way.


  1. Great read as ever. I think the Albert (like the Sandon) is a matchdays only pub now, which is why you found it closed

    1. Thanks for that, I'll update my database. It's sometimes hard to tell if a pub is properly closed or just not open when I was there. The lack of brewery publicity etc. suggested this one had gone.