Tuesday 9 July 2013

Plastic Fizz on Great Charlotte Street

Ah, the suffering I endure just to keep the guide up to date!

Another blood donor session yesterday, so I seized the opportunity to check out a couple of pubs in the city centre.  But not for me one of the many splendid real ale establishments on offer.  No, I walked past a number of them as I did a little shopping, and then headed to Great Charlotte Street, where I started in Tess Riley's.  On a Monday afternoon I was pretty much the youngest person in the pub, a situation which is getting very rare nowadays.  The inside is mostly brewery standard decor, but with a few bits of wood carving and panelling.  There are also a couple of good watercolours of other pubs.  A number of people were eating, the menu looks to be decent value.  In the absence of any real ale and in view of the hot weather, I had a pint of Foster's.

I walked next door, into JR's Bar.  Rather more modern decor greeted me, and once again I had to resort to plastic fizz, Carling this time, I think.  The place has changed somewhat since I was here previously, when it had an American theme to the decoration.  I noticed an impressive display of model ships above the bar.  The menu of standard pub meals looked to be very reasonably priced for a city centre location such as this.

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