Friday 2 September 2011

Liverpool One Bridewell

I've been meaning to visit here ever since it was Colin's Bridewell some years ago but never quite got round to it. Colin's became a restaurant for a while, but the latest (and apparently best) use of the site is as the Liverpool One Bridewell.

The building is a former police station dating from mid 19th century. The splendid interior has a vaulted brick ceiling and features a number of cells where you can enjoy your beer.

The real ale, from the Liverpool One brewery plus guests, is excellent and there's a reduction for CAMRA members. I had a pint of the superb Stout Mary from Ilkley Brewery. My pint was carefully filled to the top so I was rather surprised when I sat down to realise it was in an oversize lined glass. Is this the only place in Liverpool that still uses them?

By the way, the word bridewell isn't in my dictionary, but it seems to mean a prison or police station. Bridewell Palace, built in London during Henry VIII's reign, was later used as a "house of correction". It burned down in the great fire but was rebuilt and continued to be a prison until 1855.

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